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ERYHA Policies and Procedures

ERYHA Affiliate & Program Handbooks

ERYHA Policies & Procedures

These documents cover ERYHA's policies and procedures.
ERYHA adopts the policies & procedures of USA Hockey, MN Hockey & District 10 Hockey.


Policies and Procedures Handbook

Updated: July 2021

Travel Team Tryout Policy

Updated: July 2021

Move-Up Request Procedure

Updated: August 2020

Code of Conduct Documents

From player, parent to board member, we believe every member of our association deserves to be treated with honesty, integrity and respect and should, in turn, treat others within the youth hockey community in the same way; here is our code of conduct.

Locker Room Policy

ERYHA follows D10 Locker Room Policy which is subject to change mid-season

Player Injury Credit Policy & Procedure

Updated: August 2020


Updated: July 2021

Volunteering Policy

Updated: August 2020

Manger's Handbook

Updated: October 2021

Dryland Facility Guidelines

Board Roles and Responsibilities

Updated: August 2017

COVID-19 Plan

Updated: September 17, 2020

For more information, contact:

Ryan Eason

Ryan Eason