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Program Background

Jon McLaughlin grew up playing hockey in Anoka (#7) and moved to Elk River to raise his family. Since then, he was involved in the Elk River Youth Hockey Association as a Parent, Coach, Manager, Board Member and Board President.

The Jon McLaughlin Memorial Fund is intended to aid hockey families who come into financial challenges that threaten their child’s participation in the game. Hockey is knowingly an expensive sport. This Fund is in place to assist these families to assure that kids do not lose their opportunity to play hockey.


To help ERYHA families continue to participate in our youth hockey program when it may not otherwise be feasible without financial assistance. To do so by soliciting donations for such a cause and administering the distribution of donated funds to eligible families based on an approved process and established criteria.

Who is eligible to receive contributions from the Fund?

Financial assistance is available to qualifying applicants who play on house or travel teams through the Elk River Youth Hockey Association (ERYHA). Partial scholarships will be awarded to help offset the cost of hockey fees. The maximum scholarship available is up to $1500 per family per year.

These funds are available for families who have recently faced a challenging hardship such as income loss, unemployment, divorce, death, etc. This Fund is not intended for families who would otherwise be capable of financing their children’s hockey.

Any ERYHA family is eligible for funding through this Fund, with the exception of following members:

  • Members not currently in good standing with regard to past due balances or non-compliance with current policies (Volunteering, Fundraising, Codes of Conduct, etc.)

How does the process work?

  1. Submit application form to ERYHA President for review.

  2. Applications will become anonymous, and forwarded to the selection committee

    (ERYHA President, Treasurer and Registrar) for review.

  3. Selection Committee will review the applicants, confirm eligibility and will make final decision of award or denial.

  4. Funds will be credited toward the selected families ERYHA account.

Selection Criteria

Families are to be granted hardship funds based on the following general criteria:

  1. Demonstrated need as defined in the application

  2. Efforts shown to utilize available fundraising to reduce ice fees

  3. Length of time that the ERYHA family has been a member

  4. Special circumstances

Selection Committee

The committee is to be comprised of 3 ERYHA Board members and is to be appointed by the President. Currently this consists of, the President, Treasurer & Registrar.

Please submit the online application today.

Jon McLaughlin Scholarship Fund Application

Click here to complete the app.