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Elections|OPEN Positions


Please note the positions up for an even year re-election.
If you would like to submit a nomination, please contact President Kelli Swart.  The nomination committee will approve all nominees prior to being placed on April 2018 ballots.
PLEASE submit your nomination by March 1, 2018 so the nomination committee is able to announce offical ballot by the March, 2018 Board Meeting.
ERYHA is requesting 1-2 members at large to volunteer for the nomination committee.  Please respond HERE if you are able to help out!


We would like to welcome our new Board Members who have been appointed due to mid season vacancies:

Vice President:
Nate Hochhalter

Thank you for volunteering your time to the association!

Start your nomination process here:

Board Member Application

Please complete Board Member Application for the 2018 Election nomination acceptance. You may fill out the form for positions not currently open which we will keep on file for future openings. Thank you for supporting ERYHA!

ERYHA Board of Directors Election Process

The ERYHA election ballot for all voting board members is to be finalized at the scheduled annual March ERYHA board meeting by the close of the nominations.  The nominations must be accepted by the Election Nomination Committee after being submitted via email or in person.  Please complete the board member application to expedite this process (att’d below). Once the ballot is finalized, there will be no write in votes accepted by the ERYHA at the annual member meeting in April.  The finalized ballot will be posted on the website for view by all members. All adult members of ERYHA in good standing may cast a ballot (must be listed as parent/guardian of registered player as 2017-2018 registration will be exported for sign in).  Honorary ERYHA include non-parent coaches and ERHS Hockey coaching staff.

All board positions will be open to all ERYHA members with the exception of the Treasurer, which requires a vetting process for nomination acceptance and the Gambling Manager which is a paid position with additional screening and training through the State of MN Gambling Board.  Executive Board Member positions are encouraged to be current voting/non voting board members for ERYHA or similar previous experience.  Please attend our board meetings and speak to current board members to get more information on job descriptions and time commitment.

Board Member positions require a minimum two year commitment.  Openings of voting positions that occur in between elections will be filled by a vote of the Board of Directors.  Appointed positions are filled as needed. 
If you are interested in any position, please complete the application so we have your information on file for future reference.


The ERYHA Board strives to meet monthly on the third Wednesday evening of each month and attendance is required. Meetings start at 7 p.m. (Monthly Gambling Meetings at 6:30 p.m.) unless noted otherwise, and membership is welcome to attend. Notice in writing to a Board member is encouraged for time on the agenda, however, open forum limited time will be provided. The meeting place is ERHS Community Room #105 but meeting locations may vary (please refer to website calendar for changes). Sub-committees and task forces of the Board, as well as the Executive Committee of the Board, meet as required to conduct business in a timely manner between Board meetings.  Please see our website calendar for details.

Any ERYHA Board member that may have a potential conflict of interest where their actions or relationships present the potential for improper personal gain or advantage, or will have an adverse effect on the interests of the ERYHA, shall report such incidents to the ERYHA President for further review and determination.

All personnel of ERYHA are subject to the screening standard adopted by Minnesota Hockey via USA Hockey.  This includes a background screening process and SafeSport training.  These requirements are free of charge and valid for two years.  

For more information, see MN Handbook, and the SafeSport Handbook:

As elected members of Elk River Youth Hockey Association Board of Directors, we as a Board, will uphold and enforce all of the policies, procedures and guidelines set forth by the association.  All board members are required to complete the ERYHA Board Member Code of Conduct.

If a situation occurs, we will follow the appropriate procedures and take the necessary disciplinary actions abiding by the Elk River Youth Hockey Association Policy/Procedure Manual, and in accordance to the Minnesota Hockey Handbook.

The membership has put faith in each of us, be electing us to hold a position on the Board.  We have taken a vow to represent Elk River Youth Hockey Association in the best manner we possibly can.  The best way is to follow the policies, procedures and guidelines that enable our Association to function as a whole.
It is very imperative that every board member attends every regular board meeting scheduled.  If a director misses three (3) regular board meetings consecutively, the board members in attendance will review their position.  This may result in an impeachment.  ERYHA Board of Directors meeting shall be run according to Roberts Rules of Order. 

Commitment is a key word when elected by the membership and representing Elk River Youth Hockey Association.  If you feel you are unable to fulfill your obligation as a director, you may submit a resignation to the board at the next regular scheduled board meeting.

April 18th, 2018


Wednesday, April 18th

(polls close 8:00pm)

ERHS Room 105

Nominations 2018

Two year term to serve April 2018-April 2020

Ballot is NOT official until the end of the March 2018 Board Meeting

*Treasurer position requires vetting process, if interested in this position submit your application ASAP to complete this process (even year election).


VICE PRESIDENT Nate Hochhalter incumbent | accepted
REGISTRAR Amy Jorgenson incumbent | accepted
TREASURER Tom Humphrey incumbent | declines
TREASURER Mark Hansberger yes | accepted
SECRETARY Bobbi Kotzian incumbent | accepted
BANTAM LEVEL DIRECTOR Mike Keller incumbent | accepted
PEEWEE LEVEL DIRECTOR Tim Jeanetta incumbent | accepted

2018 Election Nominations - ballot will be finalized on March 21st, 2018


Elected Positions 2018
(voting positions):

  • Vice President
  • Treasurer  (additional vetting required)
  • Secretary
  • Registrar
  • Bantam Level Director
  • Peewee Level Director

Open Appointed Positions
Ice Scheduler


Election Cycles

V. P.
Bantam Level Director
Peewee Level Director

Fundraising Coordinator
Mite Level Director
Squirt Level Director
Girls Level Director