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Key Documents and Information

List below are some of the key documents we might all use throughout the season.


USA Hockey

USA Hockey is ful of reasources for parents, coaches and hockey administrators. Also, parents must resigter with USA hockey before being able to register with ERYHA

Minnesota Hockey

Minnesota Hockey also has a lot of important resources for parents and players, more specific to the game in the State of Hockey.

District 10

District 10 is the district ERYHA is organized into within Minnsota Hockey. Here's you'll find important forms and information specific to functioning of our local leagues and tournaments.

D10 Hockey Policies

Please see the D10 website for the most recent editions of:

D10 Code of Conduct
D10 Locker Room Monitoring
D10 Phones/Photographic Devices Policy









Team Management

scheduling & cancellations


ice scheduling

RE: Regular Season Game Schedules

These will not be published until after D10 Game Scheduling Meetings are held (late October).

If your team is adding a 4th tournament or scrimmage the deadline to let our Ice Scheduler know by Oct. 24.  You can forward a 4th tournament time off request to her but may need to do some of your own schedule changes if it cannot be accommodated.

Please respect our Ice Scheduler & Game Scheduler as they are volunteers and have a lot of ISD#728 dates, Team Tournament Dates, etc. to coordinate.  

Thank you.


D10 Bad Weather Cancellation

In the event the weather is such that it might be hazardous to the health of the participants, the game may be officially postponed. The Head Coach wishing to postpone the game must contact the opposing Head Coach and the League Coordinator at least two and one half (2 1/2) hours prior to game time. In the event the League Coordinator cannot be reached in a reasonable amount of time, the Head Coach wishing to postpone the game should contact the Referee Scheduler and inform him of the postponement and then continue to try to contact the League Coordinator.

The Referee Scheduler should be contacted by the coaches only in the case of an emergency, such as a late postponement due to bad weather.  The League Coordinator must notify the Referee Scheduler of a postponement.  Any disputes regarding postponement of league games must be discussed with the League Coordinator.

The ice hour(s) for the new game will be shared by both teams.  The home team Head Coach is responsible to reschedule the postponed game. The District 10 Rescheduling Procedure will be used, with the exception that the $150.00 penalty is not applicable in this situation.



Mite Team Management



Logo Kit

Elk River Youth Hockey has two Official Logos you will see on jerseys and apparel; the ER Logo and the ER Crest Logo.